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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length and height of your gravel trains?

They are 63’ long and 12’ high (our mac trucks are 12’6” high).

How much tonnage can we haul on a gravel train?

Our GVW tonnage is 154,000; it varies on tractor & trailer set up 49.5 tons to 51.5 tons.

How much yardage can a gravel train haul?

40 yards, 24 yards in the lead and 16 yards in the pup.

What kind of materials can your gravel trains haul?

Sand; Gravel; Topsoil; Dirt; Landscape Materials; Riprap materials up to 12” & some demo debris.

How long and what is the height of your semis?

They are 43’2” long and we have low profile boxes that are 9’ 3” for small machine loading  capability & high side that are 11’ 2”, which are great for demo removal as well as other commodities.

How much can you haul in your semi quads?

Our semi-quad can haul 10,2000 gross weight between 28 & 29 tons or 24 yards.

What can your Lou’s quads haul?

Anything from sand, gravel, dirt, broken asphalt, concrete, hardfill, demo debris, stumps, oversized boulders & hot asphalt.

Paving Division

We've got you covered. No job is too large or small for the wide variety of in-house services we offer. Services include asphalt paving, lot reconstruction, asphalt repairs, grading, and concrete installation to name a few. 

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T.K.M.S./Lou's is a great place to work. In fact, some of our employees have been with the team for almost two decades. Visit our employment page to browse open positions for drivers and mechanics and see if you qualify to become part of our team.

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