T.K.M.S/Lou's Located at
1780 E. Highwood, Pontiac, MI.
Phone: 248-332-5687

Broker Packages

Broker Packages for Gravel and Commodity Haulers

Are you tired of looking for work, then not getting paid when it's done? If you own gravel hauling trucks, contact us to see if you qualify to join our winning team. 

Become a broker for Lou's Transport and T.K.M.S. We offer competitive rates to haul limestone, crushed concrete, sand, and all other aggregate commodities, with a guaranteed payment in less than 30 days. We are in need of aluminum gravel trains hauling 50 ton loads as well as quad-axle steel box semis hauling 24 yards or 28 tons.

If this is something you are interested in, contact us at 248.332.5687 or 248.628.2551.

Paving Division

We've got you covered. No job is too large or small for the wide variety of in-house services we offer. Services include asphalt paving, lot reconstruction, asphalt repairs, grading, and concrete installation to name a few. 

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T.K.M.S./Lou's is a great place to work. In fact, some of our employees have been with the team for almost two decades. Visit our employment page to browse open positions for drivers and mechanics and see if you qualify to become part of our team.

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